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Standing Strong, Inc.


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trong in the community
with recovery tools.



Standing Strong is committed to providing alcohol and drug treatment by offering comprehensive
person-centered care and services to adults.
We empowers clients to develop
self-sufficiency and rise above their current
conditions;  to standing strong on their own 
while seeking to live a sober and meaningful life.


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Helping with the Community

2701 E. Monument Street
Baltimore, MD 21205

Christmas Star

Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, MD

For me, Standing Strong has been a life saver. 
First, and foremost, since being here I have been able to stay clean for just over 18 months. The program itself has reinstalled structure and responsibility back into my life. The groups have not only educated me in every aspect of 
addiction and mental health as it relates to addiction but have given me a safe space to talk without judgment to people who can relate. 

Thanks to the staff at Standing Strong I am in individual therapy and Family therapy. I am beginning to rebuild my life and they have given me the chance and confidence to do that.

Jessica P

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Naida Abdul-Muntazin.
I'm 48 years old and I over two years of sobriety. I came to Standing Strong on February 6, 2020. I came to gain knowledge about recovery because I know I couldn't do it alone. Even though I was clean. When I came to Standing Strong, I knew I needed more help if I wanted to stay clean. since, I been in this program I got back on track concerning therapy and getting back on the proper medication that allows me to truly live on a daily basic. I do attend groups and I have a counselor that I can reach out to when need be. My groups are my life life. I feel Im at my best when I'm focusing on my recovery.

Since October 16, 2020, I became a House Manager at one of the women's houses. I take my responsibilities very serious. I'm so grateful to the staff at Standing Strong for allowing me the opportunity to join field of recovery. One Day at a Time. My experience here has been over the top for me. I'm working on myself along with recovery. They've taught me to be a better person how to trust again and most importantly how to forgive myself and be a better mom to all six of my children. I honesty don't know where I would be if I want at Standing Strong. It 's a everyday process but with the support I have by this program and loved ones, all things are possible.

Humbly Yours,


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