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Our Belief:

We believe alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic, life threating, but treatable disorder caused by multiple factors and often characterized by frequent relapses. Unlike a cold or the flu or other medical disorders for which a single cause has been identified, a substance use disorder is caused by multiple factors including a family history of substance abuse, biological/genetic factors, learning experiences, lack of healthy coping skills, peer pressures, and exposure to high risk situations. Due to the interaction of all these factors over time and the progressively disabling nature of addiction, recovery often involves a complex and lengthy process.  Providing quality and affordable  substance abuse and mental health services as well as linking our clients to additional support ( i.e., housing, education, and medical) puts them on a more  better track toward overcoming their concerns.

Standing Strong 's Goals:

  • We will like to offer vocational services to clients in the program to give them a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.  We believe that helping clients obtain employment will be beneficial to their ability to gain reentry back into society and allow them to become productive citizens in our communities.  When employment is obtained it will also improve the impact of unemployment in our communities.


  • Eventually, we would like to become an integrated health provider who offers, medical, substance abuse, and mental health services all in one location.

Transportation is provided for
Intake Service clients.

No more than 15 miles 



Low Intensity Residential Treatment Services 3.1 is a service that consists of residential housing, low intensity level recovery of substance abuse.

 Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is provided to individuals that meet the criteria for this level of care, based on an assessment by a clinician. Groups and individual sessions will be provided 2 to 6 hours a day, every day for a minimum of 2 weeks.
The PHP is a short term program. 


The Outpatient Mental Health Clinic provide services for depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorder, bi-polar and other mental health needs. Our services include counseling for individuals, groups, couples and families. Medication management and referral services for anyone who struggles with substance abuse illness.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program provides a supportive environment and access to professional treatment for people who suffer with mental health illness and/or substance abuse illness to help them successfully integrate back into their communities and help them obtain and use community resource that may be needed. 

Intensive Outpatient Services are provided to individual that meet the criteria for this level of care based on an assessment by one of our clinicians.

Outpatient services are provided to individuals wanting to continue treatment and maintain sobriety once they are discharged from our residential or intensive outpatient program. It is available to local residents who are stable enough to remain in their home while receiving treatment.






MCORR is a service that provides alcohol-free and illicit drug-free housing to individuals with substance-related disorders or addictive disorders or co-occurring mental health and substance-related disorders or addictive disorders.

Standing Strong Inc. will provide early intervention services to individuals:

  • Who meet the ASAM criteria for level 0.5

  • For whom a diagnosable substance - related disorder.

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